HP Printer Not Scanning To Mac

HP Printer Not Scanning To Mac

HP Printer Not Scanning To Mac

HP Printer Not Scanning To Mac

HP Printer Not Scanning To MAC

Sometimes it happens that you try to scan to MAC, then you see that either computer or the HP printer is not found. Below are the communication or connection errors displays you will see when the scan fails.

  • There is an error while communicating with the scanner.
  • Computer is not found.
  • Cannot communicate with scanner.
  • There is no computer detected.
  • Scanner could not be initialized.
  • Scanner could not be found.
  • The HP imaging device was not found.

Now in such situation you can try below solutions:

  1. First you should confirm if the issue is not just limited to scanning but also to printing.
  2. You can restart your MAC and check driver settings.
  3. Also check MAC network and HP printer connection status.
  4. Check with third party firewall software settings.
  5. You can remove HP printer and then add it again to your MAC.
  6. You can uninstall the HP printer driver and software and then reinstall the latest scan driver and software.

HP Printer Customer Service

HP printer is a very good printer and millions of people use HP printer for printing purpose. They connect HP printer with their PC of windows or MAC and then they can print the documents. But if there are some error while printing then you can get the support from HP printer customer service team.

HP Printer Technical Support Number

HP printer is a technical product. So, you may face one or the other kind of technical problem with HP printer. You may face issues like printing error, printing but making huge noise, printing black paper, printing blank paper and so on. In such situation you may require help from technical expertise. Well, you can get the technical support by calling HP printer technical support number.

HP Printer Tech Support

When you need HP printer supports for technical problem you can get it from HP printer tech support team. You can ask your problem from the expert and get the solution instantly. Thus you can use your favorite HP printer for printing purpose again.


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